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Additional Services
Additional Services & Resources
In performing the core services, many resources are brought to bear in addressing issues. Additionally, there are other services Waseca County Court Services provides to the community beyond the core services. The following additional services are provided and if further information is needed, please view our provided materials and resources.

Electronic Monitoring
Court Services has immediate hookup available for offenders ordered to have remote electronic alcohol monitoring and home detention. SCRAMx (secure continuous alcohol monitoring) technology is utilized, which measures alcohol use every 30 minutes. Additionally, GPS (global positioning system) technology is also available. Alcohol Monitoring Systems (AMS) is the provider for SCRAMx.

Rule 25 Chemical Use Assessments
Court Services provides chemical use assessments for county residents and makes referrals for appropriate treatment services if indicated. View the 18-page interview guide for conducting the assessment.

Juvenile Diversion Program
In conjunction with the County Attorney’s Office, Court Services, in lieu of court processing, performs an intake and supervision function with adolescents alleged to have committed minor offenses.

Thinking for a Change (T4C)
Thinking for a Change is an integrated, cognitive behavior change program for offenders that includes cognitive restructuring, social skills development, and development of problem-solving skills.
MADD Impact Panel
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) impact panels are organized and presented in Waseca by the statewide MADD organization. A schedule of classes can be obtained online.

PERT (Program for the Encouragement of Responsible Thinking) Classes
The Responsible Thinking Model helps each individual recognize how being aware of their thoughts and feelings, options, goals, and consequences ultimately will lead to responsible behavior. The class schedule is available online.

Adopt a Highway Program
This is a public service program for juvenile delinquents to pick up litter along the Minnesota highways.