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Court Services conducts various screenings including the DVI (Domestic Violence Inventory), SASSI (Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory), and MAYSI-2 for adolescent mental health screening.

Domestic Violence Inventory
The Domestic Violence Inventory (DVI) is a self-report, evidence-based test that is used to evaluate adults (male and female) accused or convicted of domestic violence. The DVI is used by court-appointed evaluators, psychologists, probation officers, counselors, mental health professionals, and others. The DVI is a domestic violence offender risk assessment instrument or test.

In addition to assessing an offender's predisposition for violence per se, the DVI also screens adjunctive factors like offender truthfulness when tested, substance (alcohol and drug) abuse, controlling issues, and stress management skills. These contributing factors or criminogenic needs, are represented in the six DVI scales:
  • Truthfulness Scale
  • Violence Scale
  • Control Scale
  • Alcohol Scale
  • Drugs Scale
  • Stress Coping Abilities Scale

The DVI is a popular domestic violence offender test that has been administered to over 75,000 domestic violence offenders. If facilitates early problem identification, which promotes prompt intervention and treatment, while enabling accurate matching of problem severity with treatment intensity.

Substance Abuse Skills Screening Inventory
Learn more about the screen inventory.