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Student Internships
In cooperation with colleges and universities in Minnesota and adjoining states, Court Services supervises full-time student internships of upper level students majoring in corrections or other related educational program.

Before inquiring about an internship opportunity, please consult with your academic advisor concerning the institution’s expectations for interns. Upon receiving their approval please send a resume and cover letter to Court Services three or more months prior to the term in which you want to complete the internship.

Court Services will provide the student with sufficient training and support in fulfilling the role of a court services officer and when ready the intern is expected to perform some of the duties. Ordinarily students gain experience in writing violation and presentence reports, completing juvenile diversion intakes, handling electronic monitoring hookups, visiting community resources and placement sites, etc.

We find it stimulating to have students helping in our agency and welcome the opportunity to provide the student with a hands-on experience of the workings of a small probation office.

Twelve Step Programs
  • Waseca
    • Monday: AA meeting, 7:00 pm, 105 Southeast Second Avenue
    • Tuesday: AA meeting, 7:00 pm, 105 Southeast Second Avenue
    • Thursday: AA meeting, 7:00 pm, 105 Southeast Second Avenue
    • Friday: AA meeting, 8:00 pm, 105 Southeast Second Avenue
    • Saturday: Al-Anon meeting; 2:00 pm, 105 Southeast Second Avenue
  • Janesville
    • Monday: AA meeting, 8:00 pm, St. Ann’s Parish School, call Bob at (507) 234-5842 for further information
  • Owatonna
    • Wednesday: NA meeting, 8:00 pm, Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church, 1909 Saint Paul Road
    • West Hills Alano Building, 605 Florence Avenue: AA, NA, and Al-Anon
  • Albert Lea
    • Ulstad Club, 1005 North Ulstad: AA, NA, Al-Anon
  • Mankato
    • Alano Society of Mankato / 5th Avenue, 1430 5th Avenue, (507) 387-2772

Restorative Justice Fund
Court Services manages a fund with which restitution in juvenile delinquencies can be worked off by the delinquent by performing community service. The juvenile is credited with $5 for every hour they work.

Sentencing to Service (STS)
STS is a sentencing alternative for courts that puts carefully selected offenders to work on community improvement projects. Supervised STS crews work in parks and other public areas, frequently in combination with jail time.

Chemical Awareness Workshop
Court Services provides a four-hour session for adults and adolescents during which issues concerning how chemical use can adversely affect a person’s life are discussed.

Adult Diversion Program
In conjunction with the County Attorney’s Office, Court Services (in lieu of court processing) performs an intake and supervision function with adults referred by the county attorney who have no prior record and are alleged to have committed less serious offenses.