Auditor / Treasurer's Office


The Waseca County auditor-treasurer is an elected position with a four-year term.


As the election administrator, the auditor-treasurer is responsible for training election judges, preparing ballots and rosters, and providing election supplies to 22 precincts throughout the county.

Committee Membership

The auditor-treasurer serves as clerk to the county Board of Commissioners, is a member of the Board of Equalization, County Canvassing Board, Redistricting Committee, and sits on other various committees as appointed.

Basic Duties

  • Acts as the bank and custodian of all county funds and cash assets
  • Acts as the chief elections administrator, responsible for all election processes within the county
  • Administers tax increment financing (TIF) districts as pertaining to tax calculation
  • Calculates tax rates and taxes due based on levy requests by the county, cities, schools, and other taxing authorities.
  • Collects taxes and disburses levied money to taxing authorities
  • Invests idle cash and cash reserves
  • Is custodian of official voter registration records
  • Issues liquor, cigarette, precious metals, dance, dangerous dog, and firework permits as appropriate
  • Issues tax certificates under the seal of the office
  • Keeps a record of all county fixed assets and capital assets
  • Maintains tax rolls through updates to ownership, splits, combinations, plats, and transfers
  • Maintains county ditch records and maps for approximately 50 ditches
  • Maintains records for all funds received and expended (two full sets of records are maintained, one as treasurer and one as auditor, to provide a system of checks and balances)
  • Maintains status of delinquent tax records
  • Prepares the annual financial statement
  • Prepares the Truth-in-Taxation notices and Property Tax statements for every taxable real and personal property parcel in the county
  • Serves as a member of the Board of Equalization, Canvassing Board, Secretary of Extension Committee, as well as other committees as assigned
  • Serves as clerk to the County Board of Commissioners
  • Performs various other tasks including:
    • Collects deed tax and mortgage registration tax
    • Reconciles county bank accounts
    • Handling tax searches and information
    • Administers the escrow of tax payments