Coming Soon in 2023:


Waseca County Planning and Zoning is updating their permitting software and soon all applications can be applied for online with 24/7 access.

If you do not have internet access or need assistance in completing the applications our office can be of assistance.

**Watch for additional information**

AgBMP Brochure and Application

Agricultural Covenant:

Amendment to an Agricultural Covenant

Application for a Notice Initiating Expiration of an Agricultural Preserve


Complaint Form

Conditional Use Application Packet:

Conditional Use Application

Township Recommendation Form

Article 3, Section 7, Conditional Use Permits

Demolition Packet:

Asbestos NESHAP Regulated Demo

Non-Asbestos NESHAP Regulated Demo

Demolition Application Addendum

Erosion and Sediment Control:

Erosion & Sediment Control Permit

Subdivision Applications:

Major Subdivision Application

Minor Subdivision Application

Transfer of Development Rights (TDR):

Transfer of Development Rights application

Variance Application Packet:

Variance Application Form

Variance Checklist

Variance Prerequisite

Article 7, Section 3, Board of Adjustment

Zoning Permit:

Zoning Permit Application

Building Code / Property Owner Responsibility