Feeding Baby Naturally

Building a culture to support nursing mothers takes all of us. Here are some resources to assist you.

​​La Leche League
Minnesota Breastfeeding Coalition

Breastfeeding at Work

Tips for Mom

​Latching, Breast Massage and Hand Expression


Breastfeeding Friendly

Health Department

Waseca County Public Health has been recognized with a Silver Award. We are pleased to offer a mother's room in our office, as well as support for families who have questions and concerns. We encourage more businesses to become recognized as Breastfeeding Friendly by applying to the Minnesota Department of Health. We are happy to assist workplaces in creating policies to support working families. ​Apply


​Supporting breastfeeding women in the workplace has bottom line benefits for employers. In fact, businesses that implement lactation support programs often see a return on investment of 3:1.Breastfeeding employees miss work less often. Breastfeeding lowers health care costs. Breastfeeding support in the workplace reduces turnover rates. Workplace lactation support programs improve productivity and loyalty. Breastfeeding support can generate positive public relations. Apply

Child Care

​​Breastfeeding mothers who want to continue breastfeeding their infants while they are in child care face many barriers. A caregiver who is knowledgeable about proper handling, storage and feeding of breast milk and supportive of breastfeeding can make it possible for babies to continue to be fed breast milk when their mothers return to work or school. Apply