Septic Grant Program

                                                             Waseca County Septic System Replacement Program

2022 Program Summary

The Waseca County Septic System Replacement Program will utilize funds from the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment Program to complete replacement of individual, on-site septic systems. The program will pay up to $20,000 of the total cost of a new system. Permit fees and any costs above awarded amount are the responsibility of the applicant.

• Eligibility for the program will be based upon an applicant’s income. To be eligible, your gross annual income must be less than the following limits, (effective May 2021):

Family Size          Annual Income             Family Size             Annual Income

       1                        41,900                            5                             64,650

       2                        47,900                            6                             69,450

       3                        53,900                            7                             74,250

       4                        59,850                            8                             79,050

• To qualify:

      Property owners must have a sewage treatment system which has been deemed “noncompliant” by a certified inspector.

     You must have qualifying property ownership in the property to be approved. With the application you must submit a copy of the                      Warranty Deed or Contract for Deed or other proof of ownership.

      You must be able to provide a copy of an approved payment plan with your contractor

      Your Real Estate taxes and city debt must be current 

      All work must be performed by a certified septic system installer

• You will be responsible for:

     Locating contractors to give you a bid

     Opening and award the bids

     Paying contractors for costs above the award

     Applying and paying for any applicable permits

• County staff and program consultants will:

     Make sure that the work is done in a professional manner

     Pay the contractors for the grant awarded funds

How the program works:

• Applications will be available for individuals with non-complying systems. The application will collect minimal information on income,       property location and title verification.

• Income will be verified using the prior year’s tax return.

• Once the application has been approved, the homeowner will be required to provide a minimum of two cost estimates from certified installers. The contractor and the homeowner sign a contract with warranty, and the contractor is given the Proceed to Work notice.

• The homeowner will also be required to provide a copy of the payment plan, prior to work authorization, for the owner’s share of the project cost.

• Upon work completion, the system will be inspected and funds will be disbursed to the contractor when contractor, homeowner and county representative all sign the Completion Certificate.

Application review will begin on May 23, 2022 

                                                  FOR AN APPLICATION OR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:

                                                                                       LEAH CAMERON 
                                                            (507) 835-0655 Email: